Naming & brand identity


Identify a name, logo and visual style that would represent the meaning of a new dining adventure in the centre of Milan: prestigious, international, yet welcoming and compatible with the vocation of a transversal and not predefined cuisine.

ROUX - Detail


The definition of the brand identity took place through an analysis of the internal environment as well as the client’s suggestions, in search of recurring elements that would express the soul of the venue in a simple and recognisable manner (shapes, colours).
Following the same process, we identified roux (a food compound used to thicken sauces and gravies) as the best name.
ROUX - reastaurant - inside


A name and a visual identity that satisfy the request of not being tied to a particular cuisine style, giving the restaurant the possibility of being open to different stimuli from the chef in a refined and elegant, but not cold, setting.
ROUX - cover - closeup
ROUX - restaurant - entrance

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