We’re looking for added value. Yours.

A listening network

We’re convinced that a cross-disciplinary approach is key to successful projects, in which diverse skills come together and enrich unique results every time. We believe that creative flair springs from the ability to find bold, unexpected and tailor-made solutions. That’s why our goal is to create teams of versatile and curious professionals who can relate to the dynamics and needs of ever-changing languages, and who have the care and sensitivity needed to dialogue with all the internal and external stakeholders involved in a production chain. We love to team up, form a network, and listen.

Why we’re looking for you

Because we know that everyone has their own unique value. Because we like to meet people who have their own vision, who are determined but also ready to question themselves.

Send us your cv

Send in your application and tell us about who you are, we’d love to get to know you. Email to: abc@abcproduction.com or fill the FORM below.

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